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eBound ™ and 4473 30-Day Free Trial

Our 30-day free trial allows FFLs to try our industry-leading software at no risk. Once you decide to buy, packages start at only $10 a month.

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10% off and a 30-day eBound and e4473 trial for NSSF, NRA and ASA Members. NASGW Wholesale Members are provided additional benefits. Learn more.

Orchid eBoundTM is an ATF 2016-1 compliance software package that provides an integrated eBound and e4473, ATF Multiple Sales Form and more. It has over 100 features to assist retail and manufacturing FFLs with their ATF compliance. Our software is offered on a stand-alone basis for direct hand-key or scan entry or it can be directly integrated with your Point of Sale or ERP application.

Key features of the eBound and e4473 include: Unlimited Bound Books and Unlimited Users. FFLs will find all core transactions required to comply with ATF regulations, including those specific to retail, manufacturing, import and export rules. Orchid eBoundTM is cloud-based and is available online, 24×7 and from any internet capable device. And, our daily backup feature allows you to be extra safe by automatically downloading your FFL records to a local hard drive.

Orchid eBoundTM is used by hundreds of Federal Firearms Licensees who have successfully passed their ATF inspections. Unlike other software offerings, ours come with direct onboarding and data migration assistance. And, because our software and compliance company are owned by the same parent, we can provide you seamless ATF service and software support. The experts at Orchid Advisors will help you before, during or after an inspection to reduce your risk. And, during busy seasons, you can count on Orchid eBoundTM to reduce your overall operating costs due to its efficient programming. All of that and a best-in-class eBound and e4473 software application starting at $10 a month.

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