Orchid ERP AcceleratorTM Gets You There Faster

Orchid consultants have worked with countless firearm manufacturers and will leverage that experience to your advantage. We offer full factory functional ERP blue printing and expert data management. We are chosen by manufacturing FFLs.

Service 1: Functional Blue Printing

An on-site or off-site workshop to accelerate your firearm ERP design and software selection. We’ll deploy a cross functional team of firearm operations, ERP and compliance expertise and bring 10+ years of experience to save you time and money. Need to integrate a bound book, ATF eForms or laser? We do that too.

Service 2: Expert FFL Data Management

We’re experts in customer data and ATF regulated data. We focus on the design of your Bill of Materials, Routings, Item Master, Customer Master and Vendor Master to ensure your customer-facing and ATF eBound Book data is accurate. Need to standardize and convert your data? We do that too.

Our Firearm Manufacturing and ERP Experts Reduce Time and Risk

Most ERP systems advertise their “Serialization” capabilities – which in fact – has only a small part to do with your firearm industry business requirements. These serialization capabilities permit the assignment of a firearm/component serial number to an item in inventory.

  • Item master that reflects that regulated characteristics of the firearm
  • Integration with Electronic Bound Books or e4473 (Orchid eBoundTM)
  • Registration or transfer of NFA firearms with an electronic Form 2, 3, 4, 5, or 9
  • Reservation and application of firearm serial numbers during a laser marking process
  • ATF 2010-1 loans to employees and/or “financial” loans to 3rd party writers
  • Gunsmithing, assembly or state regulatory requirements

As a CFO, I am always focused on cost containment, but as the CFO of a firearm company, rigorous risk management and compliance must be the emphasis at any cost. Fortunately, Orchid provides excellent service at a reasonable cost and has played a key role in operationalizing our compliance throughout every business process and transaction during our ERP implementation.

— Jeff Buchanan, EVP and CFO, Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation

Focal Points of Firearm ERP Manufacturing

Firearm Serial Number Reservation

Reserving serial numbers used in the manufacturing or subcontract process is the first step in the serialization process, which might make it the most important. Today’s industry best practices mean integrating emerging technologies with manufacturing and ATF record-keeping. Let Orchid’s team of experts show you how to:Integrate your serialization system(s)

  • Reserve serial numbers by multiple attributes
  • Track third-party reservations
  • Develop and implement system-related controls
  • Control reservation database access

Firearm Laser Markings

Due to the limitations which prevent integration between the machine and a serial number reservation table, rollmarks are generally being phased out in favor or new systems, such as lasers. Learn how the Orchid experts can create:

  • Integrated SN reservation and application systems
  • Systems to assure correct SN application
  • Systems to ensure barcode consistency
  • Application of SN according to PN
  • Develop and implement inspection criteria for third parties

Firearm Barcode Applications

The core of a manufactured firearm is the frame or receiver; according to the regulations, it must be marked with a serial number. Assuring accurate and consistent transfer of this serial number to a barcode efficiently and in a well-controlled manner is required—from production through point of sale—is an essential step in ensuring firearm compliance. Orchid’s experts can help to develop:

  • Integrated SN reservation and barcode application systems
  • Systems to assure correct barcode application
  • Systems to ensure barcode consistency
  • Develop and implement inspection criteria for third parties
bar code

Track Serialized Firearm Inventory In the Factory

Federal Firearm Licensees have an obligation to know which firearms they possess, receive or transfer – a process that continues throughout the industry’s supply chain until it becomes “owned” by its end user. The methods used by a company to track a firearm inside their facility depends upon the size and complexity of the business. A small company doesn’t need significant investments in technology to locate product within a 2,000 square foot building. On the contrary, today’s large FFLs operate across multiple floors, offices and departments that can span 1,000,000 square feet. Tracking the whereabouts of a compact pistol inside the confines of such a building necessitates a more robust environment. Orchid experts can show how to track down to the bin location:

  • Finished goods
  • Work in process (WIP)
  • During firearm receiving
  • Scrapping or destruction
  • Internal employee use and employee “loans”

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