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Low Cost Processing Devices

Low Cost, Firearm Payment Card Devices – Integrated POS, Countertop and Mobile Devices For Firearm Merchants, In-Store or at Gun Shows

Terminal Device: Speed – Many customers want a physical paper receipt. Unfortunately, this is not available with phone and tablet swipe devices. Wireless credit card machines provide this level of comfort by printing receipts for both you and your customer.

Terminal Device: Mobility – Wireless Credit Card Machines process transactions much faster than many other mobile payment options in the marketplace. There are simply 2 steps, insert or swipe the card and type in the amount and the receipt prints instantly.

Terminal Device: Security – Wireless credit card terminals are compact and easy to bring with you whenever or wherever your next sale is needed.

Firearm Payment Card Devices

Modern Swipe, Dip, and Touchless Technology

Mobile / Wireless Readers 

Perfect For Gun Show Sales

Mobile POS

ING C3 / C4

Wireless terminals enable you to process payments on the go. So whether you’re operating a mobile business or you’d like to take payments away from the counter, a wireless terminal will allow you to do so. Mobile or wireless credit card machines are best-suited for merchants who take payment on the move.

Handheld Card Readers

Perfect For On the Floor Sales

pay at table


Traditional terminals have the ability to process multiple payment types, including credit, debit, corporate and gift cards. The terminals have the ability to process payments cards with embedded chips and thus are more secure.  However, they also have the ability to support “card not present” transactions.  The retailer uses the terminal’s keypad to manually key in the customer’s credit card information.

Or Integrated with POS

Perfect For Higher Sales Volumes


ELO 15″

The process of accepting card payments is more efficient when your POS is integrated with Orchid PayTM from Orchid Solutions.  The integrated system allows for the seamless transfer of payment information from your processor to your point of sale software.  The automatic data transfer means that you do not need to manually key information in.  The reduction of keystrokes will save time and reduces the opportunity for human error, making reconciliation tasks much faster.

Buy A Firearm Payment Card Device

Mobile POS

Portable Readers

Card Readers

POS hardware

Pin Pads

Payment hardware

USB Readers

PAX S300
PAX PX5 Card Reader
PAX PX7 Card Reader
PAX D210 Card Reader
PAX D210 Docking Station
PAX D220
PAX S920
PX5 Stand with Backplate
Ingenico Desk 3500 Modem+Ethernet
Ingenico DESK 5000 Ethernet + Modem / HTML5 Support
Ingenico MOVE 5000 v4G + Bluetooth + Wi-Fi – Dual SIM – GPS / HTML5 Support
Ingenico, iCT250, 16MB, DualComm EMV/NFC
Equinox Apollo AIO V3, 384 MB
Verifone Vx520 DualComm EMV/NFC
Eth Hub
Additional 7' Ethernet Cable
Additional 14' Ethernet Cable
X5 Charging Cradle
X5 Multifunction Cradle
C4 Cradle
MAG, Mini USB, TK 1/2/3, 21040108, Card Reader
MAG, Mini Wedge, TK 1/2/3, 21080202, Card Reader
MAG, USB Wedge, 21040145, Card Reader
MAG, Dynamag Card Reade
RDM, EC7014f Check Imager
MAGTEK Mini MICR Check Reader
Ingenico iPP315
Verifone Vx805 PCI-PED Contactless (NFC) PIN Pad
Ingenico iPP320 V4 PIN Pad/Card Reader/Contactless/EMV
BTZ, D4000, Imprinter
Ingenico Move Base
Ingenico Lane3000
Ingenico Lane5000
Ingenico Lane7000
Ingenico Lane8000
VFN Semi-integrated Communication Dongle for VX805
Mono Cable for Equinox Apollo AIO
Encryption Exchange for supported equipment

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