Orchid Pay and Orchid Gun Show

Orchid Solutions Launches Orchid PayTM and Orchid Gun ShowTM

Creating New Opportunities for Firearm Merchants

HARTFORD, CT (September 15th, 2020) – Orchid Solutions announces the launch of Orchid PayTM and Orchid Gun ShowTM.  The new products provide new and expanding firearm merchants with a simple and low-cost method for selling firearms and accessories while providing their customers with the best possible check out experience.

Orchid PayTM offers fixed rate payment processing for firearm businesses who wish to accept customer credit cards without the concern of an anti-firearm bias. Orchid PayTM was designed for gun shop, shooting range and manufacturing business owners who sell in-store, online or at sanctioned gun shows. Core to the product is the ability for new industry entrants to be able to apply and accept credit card transactions in less than 72 hours. And, established merchants can obtain a free cost savings analysis and an opportunity to start saving by switching to the new platform.

Orchid Gun ShowTM is feature-rich Point-of-Sale (POS) software designed specifically for small business owners who require mobile POS flexibility, inventory management, accounting, and dynamic reporting. The firearms POS can be used simultaneously at a sanctioned gun show and retail store or can seamlessly transition back and forth without additional hardware. Small gun stores, gunsmiths, and armorers who seek additional features can opt for Orchid Gun ShowTM Plus or Orchid Gun ShowTM  Select. The platfom leverages the power of the TSYS Vital system which had over 30,000 new customers in 2019 alone, processing over $1.5b in transactions. Built to compete with Clover, Poynt and Square, the Orchid Gun ShowTM platform integrates with Orchid PayTM for as low as $9.95 per month.

Jon Rydberg, Chief Executive Officer of Orchid, said, “For nearly ten years we’ve helped FFLs manage their regulated firearm licenses, manage inventories and process sales transactions. In that time, we’ve noted three key trends: One, small gun shops will thrive provided that they can engage consumers with new technology while gaining access to the right inventory. Two, operating expenses and investments in new software must remain low to manage thinner retail margins. And, three, compliance will always be a focal point of daily operations. For that reason, we’ve focused our next wave of growth on areas of the market that remain underserved – technology and payments for engaging the millions of consumers who shop at small gun shops and the over 5,000 annual gun shows.

The following are notable attributes of the new Orchid PayTM and Orchid Gun ShowTM platforms.

  • We eliminate the bias against firearm sales. In addition, we bring the expertise of a team that has served nearly 3,000 firearm business owners for the last 10 years.
  • Our cost structure is one of the lowest in the industry, helping firearm business owners keep more of their profits.
  • Our solutions are fully mobile, offering inventory management, employee management, pricing solutions, and credit card acceptance from any handheld device or tablet.
  • Licensed firearm business owners can apply, receive new hardware/software and begin selling and receiving customer credit cards in less than 72 hours.
  • Our FFL customers and software solutions are attorney backed by the expertise of FFL Law.



Orchid LLC and its subsidiaries offer business software, compliance software, and regulatory services to the shooting sports industry.  Orchid Solutions provides firearm payment processing services, Point-of-Sale, and ERP integration software to improve how retailers, ranges, and manufacturers sell firearms and accessories. The firm’s business software integrates directly with Orchid eBoundTM, an application that provides a powerful low-cost electronic Bound Book and an electronic ATF Form 4473. Orchid Advisors provides ATF, Import, and Export licensing and firearm compliance services to Federal Firearms Licensees. The firm shares its expertise with the industry through online publishing, the Firearms Industry Compliance ConferenceTM, and its online courses in the Firearms Compliance UniversityTM. For additional information, visit www.OrchidLLC.com.

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