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Experts in Gun Shop POS and FFL / ATF Regulations

Unique to our business is the combination of payments, software and compliance experts all under one roof. That means increased value and decreased risk for our implementation clients. Rather than simply “dropping in your POS” we stand by you and offer FFL / ATF compliance assistance as needed.

Orchid Gun ShowTM Mobile Setup in Less than 2 Hours

(Implementation Varies By POS Model)

Simple and Easy POS Setup

FFL Review – Account Setup – Data Management – Training – Support

1 – FFL Review

We are excited to have as a customer and want to keep you safe and sound. After all, selling firearms is as much about compliance as it is software. A short discussion with our experts will provide comfort that you’re ready to move forward making money and growing profits.

During this step our team will…

  • Ensure that your FFL is in good standing
  • Determine if you have legacy Bound Book or e4473 records
  • Provide procedures for managing firearm inventory at go-live

2 – Account Setup

You’ve made it through the first step! Now it’s time to configure the Gun Store POS software and payment processing services to your business. Whether or not your using Orchid Gun Shop POSTM or our mobile Gun Show units, you still need to enable the device for smooth, ongoing operation.

During this step our team will

  • Obtain store, payment and employee details
  • Configure your POS for operation
  • Test the configured POS prior to use

3 – Data Management

Gun Shop POS systems don’t run on their own. Data is everything and will drive the accuracy of your inventory, pricing, profits and ATF compliance. This is one of the most important steps and we’ll take the time needed to get it right.

During this step, our team will…

  • Determine if you have data to migrate
  • Review your firearm item setup for ATF compliance
  • Advise you on the configuration and load of items and customers
  • Help you convert your eBound Book (where applicable)

4 – Robust Training

You’re almost there! During this step, we turn our attention to retail POS software and ATF compliance education!  Our goals is to make everyone on your team comfortable with the chosen platform knowing that they can manage firearm inventory, set prices and discounts, manage customers and comply with ATF regulations.

During this step our team will….

  • Train you and your team on all POS functions
  • Ensure you can transact and collect cash
  • Guide you through change in FFL compliance processes
  • Help you understand ATF audit response
  • Leave you with great comfort and future success

5 – Ongoing Support

Not so fast! We’re not leaving you just yet. In fact, we’ll always be here to offer retraining or to guide you through issues. We know first hand that operating a gun shop comes with an added burden and being left with no one to call, is not comfortable.

Unique to Orchid Solutions, we’re the only Payments, POS Software and Compliance firm operating under one roof, with one number!

Contact us whenever needed…

  • Support hours – 24×7
  • Support phone – (800) 402-0943
  • Support ticket submission (here)

Please review our process and severity levels on our support page.

All Systems Go – Start Selling!

The system will come online and be closely watched during the initial transactions.  Any issues will be referred for triage, resolution and documentation.  After the excitement of go-live has died down the project team will start to wind down operations and move into a steady state business cycle.

Looking for something else?
Try Orchid Advisors for FFL compliance or FFL Law for legal services.