Orchid eBoundTM and Silencer Shop Promotion

Silencer Shop and Orchid Solutions are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership to provide retail gun stores and firearm manufacturers with software and compliance benefits.

In celebration of this partnership the team is offering a no-risk, free 90 day trial to  Orchid eBoundTM.  Orchid has been widely adopted across the shooting sports industry, including both small businesses and large retail chains. Enter “silencershop” during the checkout process to get your 90-day free trial.

Learn more about Orchid eBoundTM or read about the partnership. Or, learn more about Silencer Shop.

Promotional Benefits

  • 90-Days Free, Cancel Anytime

  • ATF 2016-1 Compliant eBound Book

  • ATF e4473 and Multiple Sales Form

  • Unlimited eBound Books and unlimited users

  • Handkey, upload or barcode scan


If you would like to learn more about Orchid eBoundTM and how it can help you process ATF transactions up to 40% faster, enroll for free today.

If you have additional questions, or would like a live demonstration, contact our sales team.

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